A COUPLE who were in a car accident while on holiday in Gwent, have written to say thank you for the help they received.

On the morning of May 28, Markus Kollas, 52 and his wife Chris, 47, from Seligenstadt, Germany, were returning from a visit to Raglan Castle when they were involved in an accident when driving across the A40.

It took nearly two hours to free Mrs Kollas from the car. She was taken to Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny, for treatment, where Mr Kollas was also being looked after.

Mrs Kollas suffered five broken ribs and a dislocated collarbone and Mr Kollas broke his calf bone, the fibula, which he said is, “well again.”

Mr Kollas said a “band of angels”, “much luck” and a “good car” have saved their lives but thanks must be given to those who immediately cared for them.

“The last picture I have in my mind was this big blue wall hitting my car on the right side,” Mr Kollas said.

“We would like to say thank you to police officer Finister, who did not only do his job at the accident but called several times to see how we were,” he said.

“All the firemen did a great job by getting my wife out.

“Thanks to the German-speaking lorry driver from Bosnia who gave first aid and called the services.

“To all the doctors at Nevill Hall Hospital, who gave us the feeling that we could not have been treated better, especially Dr Harvie for my wife and Dr. Delicata for myself.

“A very special thank you to all the sisters and employees at Ward 3/2 and Ward 3/4 at the hospital who made our life as comfortable as possible.”

“And finally, I would like to express a warm thank you to Bill, Gwynn, Alan and Malcolm – my room partners on Ward 3/4 – who made my hours without my wife just a little funnier.”

MP hails de-trunking news as ‘fantastic’

THE Welsh Government will investigate the possibility of de-trunking and re-routing the A40 trunk road through Abergavenny.

In a letter to Monmouth MP David Davies, Edwina Hart AM, said she had asked her officials to investigate the issues regarding the de-trunking of the A40 and to look into the potential for providing signing for through traffic via the A4143 over Llanfoist Bridge.

Mr Davies, who has been campaigning for a de-trunking scheme since 2002 when he was an Assembly Member, described the announcement as “fantastic news”.

He said: “I’m aware the minister recently visited Abergavenny to see for herself the dangers faced by people trying to cross Monmouth Road.

“I would like to commend county councillor Maureen Powell, who has been fighting for a pedestrian crossing and pressing the case for the de-trunking of the A40 through the town centre."