PARENTS in Wales are more likely to fund after-school sports for their children compared to the rest of the UK, despite being the most financially handicapped.

According to the Aviva Family Finances Report, over two-thirds are willing to pay for their children to attend extra-curricular sports clubs compared to a 63 per cent national average.

The average monthly income for families in Wales has fallen 12 per cent in the last year, down from £1,931 (July 2012) to £1,700 (July 2013).

Dwindling incomes in Wales are well below the national average, with families receiving £1,700 per month compared to the UK average of £2,108.

Over 42 per cent of Welsh parents would fund a sports tour for their child, compared to 35 per cent nationally.

Louise Colley, protection distribution director for Aviva, said: “It is great to see that Welsh parents are able to support their children’s sporting ambitions, despite lower than average incomes.”