NEWPORT-BASED Swan Rescue South Wales is warning carelessly lost and discarded fishing tackle are causing serious injuries to swans across Gwent.

Peter Martin and Ellen Kershaw, who are both retired, volunteer as Swan Rescue South Wales, and have been involved in rescuing and caring for injured swans and other water birds for more than 30 years.

Recent incidents they have attended in Gwent included a cygnet from a family of swans on the Malpas canal getting caught in fishing line on June 30.

Mr Martin was forced to jump into the water to reach the bird.

Ms Kershaw said: "We checked the cygnet over - line was everywhere, but eventually we were able to disentangle legs, wings and feathers and release it back with the family, and in particular to a very possessive and protective Dad."

The following day, they were called to Peterstone Lakes, a golf course just outside Newport, where a Canada goose was entangled in so much fishing line it took nearly an hour to remove.

Ms Kershaw said: "Not only were the legs tethered together, but the line was almost invisible due to the swelling it had caused. It was wrapped around so tightly had it been left any longer the circulation could have been cut off and he would have lost both feet."

Swan Rescue South Wales successfully freed the goose, which has now been taken to the National Swan Sanctuary in London where he will remain in care with many other similarly disabled water birds.