A GROUP of AMs warned that 30,000 children in Wales still need to receive still both doses of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccination.

The National Assembly health and social care committee has written to Mark Drakeford, health minister, warning health authorities must avoid complacency between outbreaks of measles.

Examining the handling of the measles outbreak in Swansea, the committee heard that measles, mumps and rubella are seen as Victorian disease and that many people underestimate their severity.

David Rees AM, committee chairman, said: “We were told that there are still approximately 30,000 children in Wales in need of both doses of the MMR jab and we urge the Welsh Government and Public Health Wales to address that statistic with urgency.”

He said the recent Measles outbreak "showed the danger of being complacent about the need to achieve and maintain the highest rates of vaccination among the general public."

“It is a timely reminder that vaccinations at an early age are vital and that people must be made aware of the possible consequences of not having them," Mr Rees added.

“While we commend the positive action that the Welsh Government, Public Health Wales, other health services and partner organisations took once the outbreak was confirmed, the Committee is adamant that there is no room for complacency now that this particular incident has been contained."

AMs called on the Welsh Government and Public Health Wales to determine the best methods of raising awareness of the need to have the MMR jab, and to look at introducing a health passport for frontline medical staff that would detail the vaccinations they have while encouraging them to stay on top of their immunisations.