NEWPORT artists are inviting everyone to a two-day feast of music and performance.

The Bosch Harvest Festival was conjured up by a community of artists who realised a gap in entertainment in Newport could be filled by their own creative efforts.

Bosch is an art collective that has operated in Newport for more than 15 years.

Its members, Steven Jones, Drew Rock and Andy Podmore, joined forces with poets Chris Paul and Sylvana Leverrier to create their ideal weekend festival.

The Bosch Harvest Festival plays at Barnabas Arts House on New Ruperra Street, Newport, on September 27 and 28, and offers an array of local and international talent.

Bosch founder, Mr Jones, said: “We are extremely excited that so many esteemed international figures from the worlds of poetry, experimental music and performance have agreed to take part in this festival.

“But we feel equally proud that Newport’s innovators can match and even better that high standard.”

Tickets cost £6 per night or £10 for both. For details call 07980 466262 or visit