Parents are petitioning against a “ban” on bikes at Risca Primary School.

Headteacher Jayne Arthur said the decision was due to health and safety issues, although parents said pupils were told the bike shed would be demolished to extend the staff car park.

The online petition has so far garnered 89 signatures, mostly from Newport and Risca addresses. The document reads: “Please help and support me by signing this petition to allow our children at Risca Primary School to ride their bikes to and from school if they wish to.

“Risca Primary School has told the children that they are no longer allowed to bring bikes to school despite there being a bike shed for them to use, as they are removing it to extend the staff car park!”

Ceri Jeffries, mum of three ten year olds at Risca Primary, set up the petition. Signatures will also be collected on paper in local shops.

Head teacher Mrs Arthur said: “We are currently working alongside the council’s Road Safety and Health and Safety teams to review the situation and complete risk assessment and traffic survey of the school site. Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our pupils remains our utmost priority, and we are seeking to resolve this issue as soon as possible”.

The petition can be found at