CAMPAIGNERS are planning a demonstration against Newport council’s decision to demolish the city’s Chartist mural.

The demonstration is due to take part in John Frost Square at noon on October 5, the same weekend as Newport’s food festival.

The mosaic mural off John Frost Square depicts the Chartist Uprising of 1839. The campaigners’ action follows a decision by the council to demolish the mural, despite a high-profile national campaign to save the art work.

Peter Rawcliffe, of the Save the Mural campaign, called it an ‘insurrection’ day. He said: “It’s not just about a few people, we expecting a lot. Nearly 3,500 have signed the online petition.

“We want the council to see that it’s not all right to destroy the one piece of pride Newport has.”

The campaign will also be sending an open letter to Newport council asking questions regarding its statement last week.

He said: “There are lots of questions Newport council need to answer. Why will it cost £600,000 when previously they said £200,000? Why haven’t they contacted the artist’s son, Oliver Budd, who is willing to remove it?”

Earlier this month, Wales’ heritage body, Cadw, decided not to list the artwork and Newport council have said it couldn’t preserve it, as re-locating or leaving it in place would jeopardize Friars Walk development.

Newport council said: “We regard Chartism as an extremely important part of history. While it will not be possible to preserve the mural in its current state, we have made a commitment to commission a Chartist memorial in the city.”