GIANT vegetable grower Ian Neale has been congratulated by his top fan rapper Snoop Dogg, for yet another word record breaking achievement.

Mr Neale of Newport pulled out all the stops at the annual Malvern Autumn show last weekend when he presented judges with his massive 119lb (54kg) Swede, smashing his own previous world record by 10.4 kilos. This wasn’t the only record he broke at the weekend - the 70-year-old from Langstone also took the British record with his 8.35 kilo carrot.

In total Mr Neale scooped six first places and two seconds with everything from cucumber to celery.

Mr Neale, of Langstone, had beaten his previous Guinness World Record swede - a mammoth 85.5lb (38.7kg) vegetable in only a few weeks ago with a 95.96lb (43.6kg) at the Rhondda Heritage Park show on September 7.

Following his win at the Rhondda show Snoop Dogg rang to congratulate the gardener.

Snoop Dogg has been a fan of Mr Neale since his first world record breaking swede two years ago when the rapper appeared on YouTube to congratulate the gardener and invite him to his gig in Cardiff to give him some advice on growing.

Mr Neale said: “When Snoop Dogg rang me I didn't say a lot because I was surprised to hear from him.

“But he congratulated me - it was a bit weird. He told me his own veg was growing very well.”

Mr Neale estimates that his total winnings from the Malvern show will be around £600- £650 to compensate for the £2,000 it costs to grow the vegetables and to take part in the show.

Ian said "I said in 2011 that I would break the 100 pound barrier and be the first person on this planet to do this - well here it is.

Mr Neale even revealed his growing secrets - a dose of Shropshire seaweed once a week and worm cast to provide the winning formula.

Despite his record breaking achievements Mr Neale is still asking himself why his veg didn’t grow bigger.

“You ask yourself why didn’t it grow bigger, but it is down to the sunlight.

“If April, May and June had been above average temperatures then it could have been bigger.”

“After the next two shows in Carmarthen and Peterborough I will start all over again. There's still more to come in 2014.”

There are other benefits to being good in the garden, as Mr Neale cooks for himself four times a week using his home grown vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and parsnips - but not the giant ones.

“But I couldn’t become a vegetarian.

“I don’t think there are enough minerals in them.”

Mr Neale’s next shows will be the Aberglasney Gardens show in Carmarthen on October 6 and Peterborough East of England Show on October 13.

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