GWENT Police have selected a ‘proposed candidate’ to become their new Chief Constable.

Chosen in an interview process earlier today, Jeff Farrar is currently the temporary Chief Constable The decision will now be the subject of a confirmation hearing by the Gwent Police and Crime Panel (PCP) on November 8th.

Mr Farrar, who has served as a Police Officer for 29 years, joined Gwent Police from South Wales Police in 2009 having been appointed as Assistant Chief Constable. He was then promoted to Deputy Chief Constable in April 2011. Commenting on today’s announcement Police and Crime Commissioner Ian Johnston commented: “I am delighted to nominate Jeff Farrar as my proposed candidate for Chief Constable. During the time I have worked with Jeff Farrar he has proved himself to be a highly competent and effective officer, the kind of leader Gwent Police needs at this time.

“The interview panel assembled for today’s challenging interview was a very experienced group of stakeholders who are well known and respected in their fields of expertise.

“Dr Andrew Goodall, Sir Hugh Orde, Mr Paul Matthews, Ms Sarah Payne, Mrs Gill Parker and I were all impressed with Jeff’s presentation and the answers he gave in response to some challenging and difficult questions. The interview process was also observed by Councillor France Taylor, the Vice Chair of the Gwent Police and Crime Panel.

“I will now commend his appointment to the Police and Crime Panel.”

Mr Farrar added: “I am honoured to have been chosen as the proposed candidate for the role of Chief Constable, and look forward to the opportunity to address the members of the Police and Crime Panel next month.”