ANOTHER turbine could be set to join the landscape of South Newport amid fears the Gwent Levels may start to look like a windfarm.

Res UK and Ireland wants to build a 100 metre high wind turbine in land to the west of Longlands Lane near Redwick, not far from where two turbines already stand.

Plans, due to go under consideration by councillors at a meeting of Newport council’s planning committee this week, have attracted objections about the impact it will have on the landscape.

According to a report to the committee the turbine is proposed to be built on agricultural land 600 metres south of the Tesco Distribution Centre.

It would have a generating capacity of 1.5 megawatts, and would be a three bladed turbine with a blade tip height of 100 metres.

The Countryside Council for Wales, which has now been absorbed into Natural Resources Wales, objected to the plans calling for an assessment of the proposal with other turbines that exist, have been approved or for which permission is being sought after.

“The concern is that a piecemeal approach will lead to a windfarm like appearance on the Gwent Levels via the proliferation of single turbines,” the report to committee read.

It also argued that the impact could adversely impact the area’s historic landscape.

Gwent Wildlife Trust objected, claiming it would hit biodiversity and the landscape, saying current turbines in the area are on industrial sites.

Neighbours also raised concerns – six responses to a consultation argued that if this turbine was approved others will be harder to resist, among other worries.

However environmental work submitted with the application for planning permission argued that the character of the landscape would be largely unchanged – and that the turbine would be viewed in conjunction with the two at Gwent Euro Park.

The study argued that they would be viewed "as a coherent group" with the new turbine.

Officers, who have recommended the plans for approval, argue that it is for the planning committee to weigh up the considered impact on the landscape with the merits of the scheme.

Councillors will discuss the application when it is considered at planning committee, which meets at Newport Civic Centre on Wednesday.