A MARSHFIELD church member has knitted 400 poppies to raise money for the British Legion.

Anita Wreford, 77, of Whitethorn Way, Marshfield, has been furiously knitting poppies in time for Remembrance Day this Sunday. The St Mary's Church member raised around £250 for her poppies last year.

She said: "My father was a Dunkirk veteran during the Second World War - he experienced things that he wouldn't tell us about. I like knitting so I thought I could knit poppies to raise money for the British Legion."

Mrs Wreford has been selling the poppies at £2 each to members of St Mary's Church and giving away poppies to her family members to sell.

She said: "This year I hope to extend from the money I raised last year. It takes me the best part of an hour and a half to make each poppy, I make the petals, the leaves and then add the centrepiece.

"I've been conducting a poppy school to teach some of my friends how to make them. I've created a total of 400 poppies over the last two Remembrance Day's -hopefully next year we will be able to make more."