WELSH rugby legend Gerald Davies has released a book detailing his view on the top 15 rugby tries in Welsh history.

The book, titled The Greatest Welsh Tries Ever, has tackled the question that sparks a fierce debate among the most level-headed of Welsh rugby fans.

From Scott Gibbs’ last-minute effort at Wembley to Gareth Edwards dancing past static defences, everyone’s list will be different.

But here, the ex-Welsh wing attempts the impossible in aiming to please thousands of patriotic Welshmen with his list. Discussing each try in turn, he offers analysis and romance with anecdotal snippets.

The book also includes colour and black and white photographs to help revisit some of the memorable tries.

Mr Davies, capped 46 times by Wales, said: “It was a very enjoyable book to write as I got to relive some of the best tries scored which brings great memories. But at the same time it was painful as I had to leave out some truly magnificent tries such as Craig Quinnell’s against Scotland or Bryn Meredith’s against France which was a lovely hooked try.”

The book doesn’t include any tries scored by the Welsh winger himself, even though a few could be considered more than worthy contenders – although Mr Davies would disagree.

“It’s just the other tries were better,” he laughed. “It was always lovely to score a try but for me, creating them was better. Phil Bennett’s try in 1977 against Scotland is included where I started the move. I simply had to choose that as it stretched the length of the pitch. It was one of those tries where you start the move and people think why is he doing that but suddenly you break through.”

Three tries are included from Newport players – Ken Jones v New Zealand in 1953; Keith Jarrett v England in 1967 and Stuart Watkins in 1966 all making the list.

But asking anyone to name their best 15 will no doubt provoke a different response from every rugby fan. “That’s part of the charm of the book,” added Mr Davies. “Everyone’s list will be different and it’ll be great to see what others think.

“I hope they’d have a few the same though such as Gareth Edwards scoring after running the length of the field against Scotland. I think that would be on everyone’s mind.”