A NEWPORT businessman hoping to open a new city nightspot next month is appealing for help to open and move a “massive” safe which is holding up work at the former tax office.

Iftekhar Haris intends to open the Courtyard cafe-bar and nightclub on December 13 – but a large steel unit is currently blocking contractors building a wall necessary to complete the renovation on Cambrian Road.

A number of Newport locksmiths have failed in attempts to open the three-ft-by-three-ft fireproof box, while Mr Haris says the council have also told him they cannot help.

“There could be a million quid inside,” said Mr Haris, who owns other clubs across the city, including Kama Lounge next door to his newest addition.

“It was used up until the tax building moved a couple of years ago so someone must have a key for it.”

The safe needs to be opened so that a specialist jack can be placed inside to help unbolt it from the floor.

“It weighs a tonne and unless we can get inside we cannot move it,” Mr Haris said.

“It’s a nightmare.”

When complete, The Courtyard will be a two-floor bar and cafe, with a DJ booth and nightclub downstairs, and a second bar plus outdoor garden upstairs.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Mr Haris on 07734208010.