A MAN who had sex with a Gwent schoolgirl who later became pregnant has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Noel Beese, 40, of no fixed abode, was sentenced to two offences of sexual activity with a child, in Newport Crown court.

On sentencing, Judge Philip Richards, said: “She has suffered and will continue to suffer psychologically from what you did to her.”

During the trial, the court heard how Beese told police the schoolgirl had “misled” him and he did not know her age at the start.

Beese maintained he had only ever had consensual intercourse with her. The Gwent schoolgirl became pregnant by him.

Beese admitted he knew she was under age and pleaded guilty, but denied knowing her exact age on the first offence.

Summarising the case, the court heard how the jury had decided the initial deceit with regards to the girl’s age wasn’t long term.

Justice Philip Richards said: “These aren’t traps to make unthinking older men criminals. The law is as it is for a very important purpose and that is to protect young girls against older men who take advantage of them as you clearly took advantage of the complainant in this case.

“Experience shows that one of the consequences of them being allowed to put their desires into effect is that they suffer psychologically in years to come.”

Beese was acquitted of two other charges of rape against the schoolgirl and indecent assault against another complainant. He had denied the charges.

He received a 32 month sentence for one sexual activity offence and four years for the the second count of sexual activity with a child. The judge ruled the sentences to run concurrently, imprisoning Beese for four years.

Beese is also prohibited from working with children and is subject to a five year restraining order concerning a number of the witnesses and complainants involved.

He has been put on the sexual offenders list indefinitely.