I make no apologies for raising this matter again. It is an all too frequent occurrence that an accident causes miles of tail-backs along the M4. There may not be universal agreement about which route it should take, but there is agreement that we need an M4 Relief Road to allow the efficient flow of traffic along the M4.

I have campaigned for an M4 Relief Road for over 25 years. It is a “foot on the windpipe of economic growth of South Wales”. It is vital that this enhancement to the M4 around Newport is realised as soon as possible.

I am saddened that Professor Cole has simply reiterated the advice he gave in 2009 to the Plaid Minister in the Assembly to cancel the M4 relief Road. It is not innovative or cost effective, but deeply flawed and dated.

The former steelworks road provides access to 4,000 homes currently being developed. The A48 Southern Distributer road has 10 roundabouts, 6 sets of traffic lights, a 50mph speed limit; whenever it has been necessary to close the M4, it quickly becomes gridlocked.

An M4 Relief Road satisfies the long term needs of Newport and South Wales, especially as the Metro Lite rail system is so far in the future to deliver the necessary impact on the overall economic development of our region.


It is now a legal requirement for all food outlets in Wales to display their food hygiene rating score in a prominent place. I am sure we have noticed these green and black signs which indicate the rating score from zero to five for the premises.

The rating is decided from three elements:

I. How the food is handled;

II. The condition of the premises; and

III. How the business management system ensures that food is safe, and if the inspecting officer is assured standards will be maintained in the future.

Rating businesses is a continuing process. Premises that are given a zero rating are not left alone; inspectors will work with these businesses to implement actions to improve their rating. If there is a potential risk to public health there are specific procedures that are applied to the owners, employees and premises.

Inspectors believe every food outlet can achieve a grade five rating. I hope that all food outlets work towards and achieve this rating; then we can all have complete confidence and satisfaction with all the food we buy.