RSPCA Cymru has said it is “delighted” after Assembly Members unanimously voted to give councils additional powers to tackle fly-grazing and owners of horses who abandon them.

All AMs voted for the Control of Horses (Wales) Bill at the Senedd on Tuesday.

A charity spokeswoman said about 3,000 animals are thought to be in the hands of irresponsible owners in Wales.

More than 1,600 letters were sent to AMs before the vote by members of the public, urging them to vote for the Bill and to ensure equine issues remain on the Welsh political agenda.

RSPCA national director for Wales and lead on equine issues, Steve Carter, said: “We have been very pleased to work closely with the Welsh Government and Assembly Members during this Bill’s legislative journey and are delighted that this legislation is now set to become a reality.

“Moving forward, it is hoped local authorities across Wales will be in a position to utilise their enhanced powers to tackle fly-grazing and abandonment.”