A SOUTH WALES AM is backing a campaign which aims to reduce the risk of drains being blocked by fat, oil and even dental floss being put down sinks and toilets.

D?r Cymru Welsh Water’s Let’s Stop the Block initiative is trying to avoid blocked drains which costs Welsh Water more than £7m a year to clear.

South Wales East AM Lindsay Whittle said: “Although it wasn’t as a result of a blocked drain, I’ve suffered from flooding at my home and it can have a devastating impact.

“Flooding from blocked drains can be avoided if people think before putting their Christmas gravy, cooking fat and oil down the drain.”

Steve Wilson, D?r Cymru Welsh Water’s Director of Waste Water Services, said: “Most of the blockages we deal with are caused by everyday items put down the toilet such as wipes, sanitary towels, cotton buds and dental floss; and fat, oil and grease from cooking that people have put down their sinks.”

He said people should reuse or recycle food waste or scrape it into the bin rather than pouring fat and gravy down the drain.

“We’re also asking people to help us as they prepare for their Christmas or New Year parties by remembering to put any cotton buds, cotton pads, facial wipes and cleansing wipes in the bin, not down the toilet,” he added.

Go to letsstoptheblock.com for more details.