FILMCREWS were in Newport filming Doctor Who yesterday, but it's not the first time Gwent has been the backdrop for the timelord's adventures.

Victoria Place, Newport

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This isn't the first time the striking Newport street has been used to film Dr Who. Russell T Davies, the former writer of the programme, said he loved the city's London lookey-likey street and wrote a scene in the Christmas 2008 special The Next Doctor to be played out there. Read more.

Cybermen invade St Woolos cemetery

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It was not the only Newport location to appear prominently in that episode. The funeral procession descended into chaos as Cybermen and Cybershades attacked mourners at St Woolos cemetery. Read more.

Tredegar House

South Wales Argus: DALEK: During filming of Doctor Who at Tredegar House in Newport

Newport's stately home was first used for episode, The Christmas Invasion. Filmed in July 2005 it saw David Tennant make his debut as The Doctor and Penelope Wilton guest starred as the Prime Minister Harriet Jones.

Duffryn High School

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South Wales Argus: Duffryn dr who

South Wales Argus: Duffryn dr who

Duffryn High School served as a location for the episode School Reunion, which was filmed in August 2005 and shown in 2006.

Even the name of the school in the programme has a resemblance to Duffryn.

The school in the programme, Deffry Vale High, was controlled by an evil head teacher, played by Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor Anthony Head. It also marked the reappearance of the Doctor's doggy sidekick, K-9.

Diverse Records, Newport

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Diverse Records, a record shop on Charles Street, Newport, was used in Blink, which starred Carey Mulligan and introduced the Weeping Angels to the Whoniverse in November 2006.

South Wales Argus: Diverse two

Programme makers used the untidy desk in the Diverse Records storeroom as a prop in the show, rather than clearing it up.