AFTER working to the middle of the night, Gerry Cottle’s circus has said they will open in time for their first Newport show tomorrow afternoon.

The circus appealed to Argus readers yesterday for a drill to help them secure their big top. The ‘Turbo Show’ was due to open this Wednesday at Tredegar Park, but It was forced to move to the Newport Car Auctions Pill Carboot sale site, after organisers learnt the land at Tredegar Park was waterlogged.

Unprepared for the concrete, the team were struggling to drill holes for their 60-70 metal stakes to hold the tent in place. They needed a 50mm rock drill that can drill 2ft down.

“Someone did kindly come down with a drill but it wasn’t heavy duty enough,” said circus manager Maureen Carter.

Members of the team were working up until midnight last night. They expect to do the same tonight to get it finished in time for the first show at 3.30pm tomorrow.

Ms Carter said: “The show must go on as they say. Circus people work together as a family-. That’s circus life – everyone keeps at it because it’s their livelihood. We will work manually until they are all done. ”

The job of securing stakes which should have been finished yesterday will have instead taken more than two days to complete. Local hire firms had said it would take up to two days to get the tool in stock.

The show has already sold more than 1000 tickets for the Newport run which is supposed to start at 3pm this Wednesday with two showings a day until Sunday March 2.