WITH game makers of Newport’s Monopoly said to be baffled by a lack of suggestions for the city’s equivalent of Old Kent Road a resident has suggested some lateral thinking may solve the issue.

Andrew Bowen believes Ye Olde Murenger House, which dates to 1533, but could have been built many years earlier, should occupy the cheap property space, not least because of its literal ‘olde’ name.

But the 52-year-old Monopoly fan also says the building's history dates back to the times of Chaucer, who referenced Old Kent Road, when the pilgrims of the Canterbury Tales tread the famed street on their way.

Mr Bowen is preparing to submit his version of the board for consideration, with landmarks such as The Celtic Manor at HQ, the University of South Wales at Electric company, and even the South Wales Argus at Fleet Street, all featured.

He has used the city’s four main bridges as replacements for train stations, and Windsor Castle at Mayfair.

He said he had gone for an inclusive approach and tried to think “outside the box” where possible.

“I wanted to avoid being elitist and was careful not to choose any run down areas as I didn’t want to stigmatise any streets,” said the resident of Clevedon Road.

Mr Bowen, who has collected Monopoly boards from a host of countries, including America, Germany, France and Spain, said it would be great to have one for his home town.

Newportonians are invited to send in their votes and submissions, with poll lines closing at midnight on March 25.

To submit your nominations and suggestions, email newport@winningmoves.co.uk or at facebook.com/newportmonopoly or via post to NEWPORT MONOPOLY, Winning Moves UK, 7 Praed Street, London W2 1NJ.