EBBW Vale food artist Nathan Wyburn has announced his work will feature in a book as part of a book deal with a South Wales publisher.

The book will feature an ‘eclectic mix’ of the 24 year-olds 50 previous artworks along with 50 of his new creations between now and August.

Mr Wyburn said: “I’m really excited about the book deal!

He said the book will be put out by Cardiff-based Candy Jar publishing, and set for an October release.

“They were as enthusiastic about the idea as I was when I approached them.

“It’s always something I’ve wanted but never thought would really be possible so early in my career.”

The book is yet to be named but Mr Wyburn is working on a big idea for the cover, hoping to break some kind of world record in his art to show on the front of the 300-page book.

“I am still deciding what I want the book to be called and will make the decision in the next few months,” he said.

“I want it to be perfect.

“I want the cover picture to be of a world record as I am hoping to break some arty record-possibly for the biggest self-portrait.”

Alongside the book deal the Britain’s Got Talent star has also returned from Belfast as part of a project with Kingsmill last week, where the artist has been commissioned to create a 12 foot by seven foot table out of bread, which took the artist 30 hours to make.

Mr Wyburn has also completed a project with Jacobs which saw the artist create ten famous faces using Jacobs products such as Mini Cheddars, Twiglets and crackers, as part of the brands new ad campaign #snackhappy.

The campaign launched on April 1 at the White Space in London which displayed the portraits of a Mini Cheddar Cheryl Cole and a Twiglet Twiggy among others.

“The portraits took around three hours each,” he said.

“The event was a great success and I can now count channel 4’s the Fabulous Baker Brothers amongst my fans!”

Alongside this Mr Wyburn’s portrait of Miley Cyrus made by using his tongue caused blogger Perez Hilton to rave about his work online.

“I was paining the portrait using my tongue at 20 minute intervals so it took me about an hour to do.

“I quite liked some of her music lately and my work comments on pop culture things as they are happening and she has been in the media a lot recently.

“Perez Hilton has recently been blogging and raving about my painting of Miley Cyrus using my tongue!

“It’s always amazing to get such high profile stars enjoy my work!”