Stories from the South Wales Argus on April 8th 1914:

* Very little was known of the Chartist John Frost after his return to this country, so it was with great difficulty that Mr H Tudor Davies of Newport finally managed to locate his burial place in a churchyard in Horfield, Bristol.

* Newport resident George Caswell was offered £19,000, a great deal of money for the time, for the patent of a safety lock for railway doors.

* An exceptionally large number of Newport seamen attended a meeting held by the National Sailors and Firemen Union to discuss a motion entitled: ‘The Chinese Invasion of British Ships and its Relation to the Manning Scale’.

* An inquest was held into the death of a collier at the Gray colliery of the Powell Tillery Company. It transpired he had pushed his workmate clear of a fall of coal and took the brunt himself.

* An advertisement from the Argus 100 years ago:

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