A COLLECTION service is fighting a battle against a tide of dumped trolleys after more than 3,000 were dumped in Cwmbran in one month alone.

The Argus understands Trolleywise, which collects abandoned trolleys, visits Cwmbran on a daily basis.

In March, the firm collected 3,570 dumped trolleys in the town.

A spokeswoman said: “Cwmbran has the highest volume of abandoned trolleys in Torfaen.

“We are in the area everyday collecting to keep on top of it and we receive a lot of complaints about abandoned trolleys in the area.”

Of the trolleys dumped in March, 2,642 were from Asda, while 484 were from Marks and Spencer, 363 from Wilkinson, 61 from Homebase and 20 from Sainsbury’s.

One of the problem areas within Cwmbran is the Northville estate.

Trolleywise collected 29 Asda trolleys in one day last week.

It also saw eight Aldi trolleys, three Morrisons, two Lidl and one from B&Q.

But the company is not authorised to pick these up as they are the responsibility of the stores.

Mary Millar, 73, has lived on Mead Lane, in the Northville estate, for 15 years.

She said that she has never seen such a mess on her road, which has included 12 trolleys.

The pile emerged after Christmas.

And following a complaint to the land’s owners Bron Afon, Trolleywise visited the area and removed the trolleys that they were allowed to.

She said: “I’m sick and ashamed of where I live as it’s so unsightly.”

She explained that people had also started dumping other waste including drinks cans, rugs and general waste on top of the trolleys.