THE charity behind a proposed scheme to build a cycle path through the Wye Valley has said the ‘door is open’ for the project, more than three years after it was put on hold.

Sustainable transport charity Sustrans Cymru has said local groups and councils on the Welsh and English sides of the Wye Valley interested in re-visiting the £750,000 scheme again can open discussions.

Plans for the scheme were first submitted by Sustrans in 2010 to Monmouthshire council and the Forest of Dean planning office for a traffic-free path for walkers, cyclists, runners, mobility vehicles, wheelchair users and horse-riders between Chepstow and Tintern.

The route followed the disused 19th century Wye Valley Railway line and included a new bridge being built over the Wye at Tintern.

However, various technical and planning issues meant Sustrans couldn’t hit the deadline set by the National Lottery to spend the money it had allocated for the project.

Matt Hemsley, of Sustrans Cymru, said regrettably the funding had to be allocated to other projects. “It’s not something we are actively working on, but it is something we are always happy to talk about with local groups and both councils.”

“It is a challenging project, but one that would prove popular for everyday use, leisure and tourism.”

Monmouthshire council said if a revised application were to be submitted, it would treat it on its merits. Sufficient parking in Tintern to accommodate the extra traffic the path would generate would be a key issue.