THE Labour leader of Newport City Council has said that while it would be great if Newport was on the Nato Wales summit symbol, it is just a logo.

There has been anger in Newport after the name of the host city was left off the official summit logo.

Cllr Bob Bright initially said that he was pleased Newport was acknowledged in the logo thanks to the inclusion of the Transporter Bridge, but later cabinet member for regeneration Cllr John Richards said he was very disappointed by it, showing an apparent difference of opinion among the cabinet.

Cllr Bright said he first saw the design when it was made public.

He said the earlier comment came after he was told about the Transporter Bridge being included in the logo “and obviously I was pleased about that”.

“Although it would have been great if Newport’s name was used on the logo, it has been known for a long time that the summit was going to be called Nato Wales,” he said. “It is just a logo and there will be many other ways that the city will maximise the opportunity of hosting a global event.”

Cllr Bright reiterated that he’s talked to people at the “highest level of government” about the need to promote Newport and said he was grateful to the secretary of state for Wales, David Jones, who Cllr Bright said “is working hard to ensure that happens.”

“Newport is a small city but is now included in the same group as previous host cities such as Chicago, Paris, Brussels and London by hosting a summit of this size and significance. It demonstrates the city has the ability, infrastructure and energy to host one of the world’s most high-profile events,” Cllr Bright added.

Meanwhile Gwent Police says that it is not planning on using water cannon in the policing effort around the Nato summit at this stage.

Protests are expected to take place in the days before the summit. In a statement a force spokesman said: “Water cannon has never previously been deployed on the UK mainland and we have no plans to make use of this tactical option whilst policing the 2014 Nato Summit.”

The summit is on September 4 and 5.