NEVER mind Babe, Pontypool has its own pampered pig who accompanies her travel agent owner to work.

Dotty, a 15-month-old micro pig, has become a favourite member of staff at Jet Aways travel agency in Pontypool since owner Kelly Dommett started taking her along to the office.

After being told that micro pigs are known for their intelligence and crave companionship, Mrs Dommett and her husband Roger decided leaving Dotty home alone all day wasn’t an option. So now she has her own space on the premises where passers-by frequently pop in to say hello.

She even owns her own T-shirts and has a pink collar with her name in diamantés.

Mrs Dommett said: “She comes with me in the car and then walks on a lead to the office.

“People are always surprised when they see her and come over to make a fuss of her.”

With the potential to live up to 25 years Dotty will have to wait a long time for retirement, but in the meantime she’s quite content lounging in the office.

The couple decided to purchase Dotty after Mr Dommett saw micro pigs being bred while on his post round. Mrs Dommett said: “I never thought we would end up getting a pig, but I gave in to Roger and now I don’t know what I would do without Dotty.

“She’s like a dog, following me around. She comes to her name and does tricks, such as standing on her back legs, in return for grapes.”

Dotty is described as very laid back and is always wanting a cuddle.

She currently weighs about two stone and is the same size as a small dog.

But an adult micro pig can weigh just under five stone and stand up to 30cm high.

Mrs Dommett said Dotty is the perfect pet as a well-kept micro pig is clean and odourless.

She added: “She is not a farmyard animal — I don’t even think she could live outside. She has become one of the family and everyone loves her.”

Dotty goes to the toilet outside like a dog and is cleaned up after by Mrs Dommett.