A NEWPORT teacher campaigning to get his local park renovated so his son can visit it without fear of injury has been left “disappointed” by Newport council’s effort to clean it.

Kamal Ali, 32, of Pill, was left devastated after seeing Pill Park become run down, with poor facilities, smashed glass and syringes.

Mr Ali recently expressed his concerns to the council after feeling that the park was too “dangerous” for his two year old son Hamzah to even walk through.

Following his concerns, Newport City Council cleaned up the park, but Mr Ali, who has since visited it, does not feel the job was adequate.

“They have cleared the bins which have to be done in any public place, but the bits of glass are still there,” the teacher at Wydean High School and Sixth Form College said.

“I am amazed how the council can leave it there.

“I raised my concerns on June 27, but the fact is that it was there months before.

“There was even a spliff still there.”

Mr Ali who has lived in Pill since he was eight years old, first noticed the problem when his car broke down and he had to walk his two year old son Hamzah, through the park.

Having previously volunteered with Communities First, Mr Ali felt compelled to act and decided to appeal to the council to renovate the park so it is safe for children.

Last week the Argus reported Mr Ali’s concerns which included lack of facilities, alcohol consumption and drugs following his discovery of abandoned syringes in the park.

Mr Ali has had correspondence with Newport City Council over the last few weeks, who have addressed some of his problems, but have not provided what Mr Ali believes to be a ‘solution.’

“The solution is to have CCTV and monitoring of it,” he said.

“I give credit where credit is due; thank you for cleaning the park – now what is your next step?”

A Newport City Council spokeswoman said: “Newport City Council understands the frustrations of some residents about the issue of litter in Pill Park.

“On three occasions the park was cleaned last week and Tuesday there was a meeting on site with the council’s parks, outdoor recreation and streetscene team to look at how to address the issue of fly tipping and litter.

“The council will be implementing a revised inspection and cleansing regime to address the issues to ensure the safety and enjoyment at the park. However, there is no excuse for littering, people are responsible for their own rubbish and of disposing it responsibly.

“The council would like to thank residents who have been litter picking in the area and would encourage anyone who feels strongly about littering to become a litter champion.

“The council also welcomes reports regarding the wear and tear of public facilities in the city, and such reports are recorded and considered for work prioritisation and budget allocation.

“To become a community litter champion contact 01633 656656 or email rethink.rubbish@newport.gov.uk”