A NEWPORT councillor has given a school rugby team a new kit after they were too embarrassed to pose for photos in their old scruffy outfit.

Millbrook Primary School’s rugby team did not want to be pictured in the old strip, which was partly borrowed from the hockey team, despite coming third in a Newport-wide tournament.

The primary school, in Bettws, Newport, were presented with the new kit in June after local councillor Kevin Whitehead heard of the team’s shabby kit.

Cllr Whitehead, of Bettws ward, said: “We’re basically talking about a primary school that dominated Newport in rugby for decades.

“Obviously as years have gone by head teachers have had to budget. It was really sad because the school has a proud history.”

The councillor, who works at the Severn River Crossing, told his boss Paul Ramshaw about the scruffy kit and the pair decided to supply the school with a new set of outfits.

Cllr Whitehead said: “It was fantastic when we were able to get the kit. All these kids were absolutely overjoyed and now every player has grown two inches because of the pride.”

Head teacher at the school, Lindsey Watkins, said the team could not wait to try on the new red and black kit, which includes socks, shorts and a jersey.

Ms Watkins said: “The team has only reformed this year. The kit that they had was a very very old kit which has existed from a long time ago. They needed a kit to help them feel proud of themselves.

“We are so grateful as we really consider our school to be a community school. What is lovely about this is it shows the community giving back to the children.”