THE centenary of Britain’s entry into what is now known as the First World War will be upon us next Monday.

There will be many commemorations across Gwent and the nation as a whole of the beginning of what was, sadly, incorrectly labelled the war to end all wars.

And it is right that the sacrifices of the many hundreds of thousands of British soldiers are remembered.

The Argus has embarked on a four-year project aimed at explaining the First World War, from the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand to the Armistice, by re-publishing daily reports from our archives.

These reports show just how the progress of the war was described to our readers at the time.

Next Monday, to mark the centenary of Britain’s declaration of war on Germany, we will be publishing a special commemorative supplement.

This 48-page supplement will include reports from the Argus archive along with your own stories, passed down the generations of your families. We are grateful to everyone who has told us their story.

The Great War changed the face of the world forever. It touched every household in every part of this nation, like no conflict had ever done before.

As a result, those who gave their lives in the service of their country have never been forgotten.