100 years ago

Corporation Road school was broken into over the weekend and a sum of money taken including donations that children had made to buy a wedding gift for a member of staff who was due to be betrothed.

Newport corporation electricity and tramways committee decided that steps be taken to obtain a loan of £16000 for the purpose of new cables in the town A locum doctor at Cwm was found dead in the bath by a servant at the house in which he was residing. He had only taken up his new post on Saturday and was found dead on the following Monday. Efforts were being made to trace his relatives.

The port of Newport was inspected by Newport harbour commissioners , it was noted that all vessels in port were bedecked with flags, and a speech given by Alderman Fred Phillips made mention of great prospects for Newport following the open o it's new Alexandra dock.

50 years ago

The Labour group on Newport town council, at a special emergency meeting, rejected the report recommending the demolition of houses at Pill and Baneswell.

Approval of the Welsh Shipping Agency bill now allowed RTB to build it's projected £18m jetty into the River Severn which would allow ore ships to discharge directly into Spencer works.

The Post Office telephone repair factory in Cwmcarn was due to be expanded providing work for a further 250 people in OCR to keep pace with the expanding telephone service in Britain.

120 railwaymen employed by the British Transport Docks Board in the traffic section at Newport Docks withdrew their labour in a dispute over duty rosters.

25 years ago

A leaflet was circulated stressing the dangers of swimming in Wentwood reservoir. The reservoir was used by Llanwern steelworks and British Steel management were concerned that as pumps start up without warning then a tragedy could occur.

Gwent Police were to use radar guns, extra patrols and light aircraft to catch motorists driving a speeds at up to 120 mph the Newport to Monmouth dual carriageway.

Hundreds of people claiming unemployment benefit in South Wales had no signed off the dole following a large scale fraud busting campaign by the Department of Employment Blaenau Gwent borough council were demolishing the final unoccupied houses in Troedrhiwgwair near Tredegar, villagers believed they the demolition marked the closing stages of a long running saga after the council agreed the village was in danger of a possible landslide