GWENT politicians have responded to calls made by a Plaid Cymru MP that Parliament should be recalled to discuss the conflict between Gaza and Israel.

Hywel Williams, MP for Arfon, said yesterday on BBC Radio Wales that Parliament’s summer recess should be interrupted to discuss the crisis that has killed more than 1,800 people.

David Davies, MP for Monmouth, said he was not sure what recalling Parliament would achieve as the fighting will only stop when both sides agree to a ceasefire.

The Conservative told the Argus: “They’re not going to stop fighting if someone makes a speech in the House of Commons. I doubt it would even get reported in Israel.

“I think David Cameron has been absolutely right to condemn the rocket attacks and make it clear that we would support the ceasefire.

“It’s disappointing that Ed Miliband is trying to score political points. Labour were against going into Syria and now they are suggesting we can intervene in the Middle East.

“I condemn what’s happening, I support the ceasefire but the idea that British politicians can have some influence over this is a bit naive.”

Mr Davis, who has been to Israel twice with the Conservative Friends of Israel group, added that he had received a large amount emails and letters from constituents supporting both sides of the conflict.

He said some people had “taken on board statements that contain factual errors”.

He added: “People talk about the Israeli killing of Palestinians without mentioned that Hamas is deliberately firing rockets too. They have to be blamed as well.”

Talking about the Friends of Israel group, Mr Davies said that the purpose of such groups is to allow MPs to travel to see issues first-hand without a cost to the taxpayer.

He added: “The other options are to use large amounts of taxpayer money or you don’t go anywhere at all or only rich MPs travel.”

Labour MP for Newport West Paul Flynn said recalling Parliament “probably is a good idea”.

He added: “We were recalled last year for when the government wanted to go into Syria on August 29. This is at least as important as that.

“I think everyone is sickened by the slaughter. The reaction I’ve had from constituents is 25 to one for Israel to reduce their disproportionate response.

“People are horrified at the slaughter of innocent civilians. It’d be reasonable to recall Parliament in these circumstances.”

The recess began on July 22 and is due to end September 1.