NEWPORT’S Jewish community is among the smallest in the UK, now counting just six members.

Members of the synagogue in Newport have said they have not been able to hold a service in over a year because of the low figures.

There are now only four remaining attendees of the synagogue from Newport, and two others from Blackwood, but resident Ronnie Black said it will only get smaller.

Mr Black, 70 from Newport, said: “The community is very small. There’s myself, Abraham Davidson, two others in their 90s and a couple in Blackwood.”

“People are dying and not been replaced with younger members, who have been moving to bigger cities.”

Statistics from the 2011 census show Newport's Jewish community is in the top five smallest communities in the UK.

The community, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012, used to meet in a synagogue in Queen’s Hill but moved after they could no longer afford to run it.

Mr Black said: “Since 1993 we haven’t had a rabbi or leader. Abraham was doing it for a while but we can’t do a proper service if we don’t have 10 people. For three or four of us it’s not worth it.”

Last year the historical synagogue building, near Coed-Melyn Park, organised an open doors event in association with Cadw and welcomed 15 visitors, but numbers have not increased.

Mr Black said despite the small numbers, there are around 30 paying members who have burial rites for the cemetery next door.

Mr Black said: “Obviously it’s a shame. There used to be quite a lively community here but it’s the same all over.