A TRACKING app to monitor fly-tipping is being trialled by Newport council.

The authority is using the GPS tracking system, known as FlyMapper, which was developed by Fly-tipping Action Wales to analyse fly-tipping trends and types of problem waste.

Waste officers can photograph and plot fly-tipping incidents onto a digital map in real time using a smartphone app, giving an idea of the true scale of the problem in that area. They could then seek authorisation to carry out surveillance at a fly-tipping hot spot which could later lead to prosecution.

Councillor Ken Critchley, Newport’s cabinet member for infrastructure said various incidents have been mapped in the first month.

“The ability to produce records including photographs, exact locations, dates, times and waste types, will be of great benefit for intelligence led intervention, as well as being able to report findings in a clearly understandable format," he said.

“It is a fact that fly-tippers have no respect for boundaries, whether public or privately owned land, urban or countryside. FlyMapper will make it far easier to establish patterns of offender's behaviour and quickly provide sufficient evidence to ensure their prosecution and conviction.”

Gary Evans, programme manager at Fly-tipping Action Wales said a vital use of the app is gathering an evidence base, ensuring the successful prosecution of criminals.

"With over £2 million of tax payers money being spent every year in clean up costs, I don’t think many people would disagree that this system is a vital step change in us creating a future for Wales which is free from fly-tipping," he said.

The body expects all local authorities in Wales to adopt this technology over the next two years.