Surprises galore from NATO summit.

Who would have believed that Cardiff’s traffic restrictions would be 40 times more severe than Newport’s?

Could any exaggerations be wilder than an anti-NATO website claim that world leaders are coming here ‘to plan their war on the world’?

Shame that the alternative conference has dis-invited parliament’s most persistent critic of Nato’s conduct in Iraq and Afghanistan and invited a pro-Putin Russian propagandist.

Who expected that Newport’s Summit would take key decisions on world crises? A possible civil war in Afghanistan looms. Russia’s land grab in Ukraine threatens Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with a new cold war.

The taciturn people of Newport are warming to the excitement of a once in a lifetime event. It will give us a chance to flaunt the city’s warm welcoming personality. More headlines? Anticipation arouses alliteration.

Pillgwenlly people power punishes pretentious petty politicians’ plans.

Surprise saucy super sausage salutes summit - significant, satisfying, succulent.

Preposterous prophecy of ‘20,000 protestors’ plummets-post public punch-up.

I have been a long time critic of Nato excesses. But I also recognise its key role against Putin’s and the Middle East forces of barbarism. I will not say ‘no’ or ‘yes’. Can I get a badge that reads, ‘Maybe to Nato’?

We smelt a rat. On the day that trade unions and I met the head of the company that owned Avana, the formation of a new company was announced. Coincidence?

We were all suspicious that setting up Food Utopia was a ploy that would not help the Newport workers to save their jobs. There was no explanation from the company. The hope was short lived. The lives of thousands of loyal workers will be devastated. The company will prosper.

It’s further proof of the state-sponsored weakening of the bargaining strength of employees called vulture capitalism.

A mystery man and former chairman of Newport Education Committee, died apparently penniless of hypothermia. There was no will or relatives to pay for a funeral or a gravestone.

Baptised as Alwyn John Rees he changed his name by deed poll to Vicomte Alwyn John Eugene Manso Reesare di Villa. He insisted on being addressed here as ‘Count’ and talked of his French vineyards. When he left for Nottingham, he dropped his title and added an OBE.

Although his life’s greatest genuine achievement was in Newport, he never mentioned his time here. His biographer is seeking information. Anyone remember him?