100 years ago

A second concert at Stow Hill pavilion, testing its 2000 capacity, was held in aid of the Prince of Wales National Relief Fund. All taking part had offered their services without renumeration.

An appeal was sent out to ex-non commissioned officers of any branch of the forces to re-enlist chiefly to act as drill instructors. Age no obstacle, pensioners allowed to draw their pension in addition to army pay.

The first batch of Belgian refugees, men women and children, passed through Newport station on their way to Cardiff. They were given a hearty reception from a crowd of passengers on the platform.

Two Newport seamen were sentenced to four weeks in prison after refusing to obey orders after signing up as crew men on a Bristol vessel.

50 years ago

The 400 key workers at British Nylon Spinners, Pontypool decided to end their fortnight-old strike Newport corporation transport busmen decided to work to rule and refuse to allow standing passengers because they claimed that working conditions had rapidly deteriorated.

Pontypool urban councils parks committee were warned that Panteg cemetery had room for only another 100 graves.

An enterprise pioneering the manufacture of false eyelashes at Cwmbran, Erida cosmetics has been so successful that Cwmbran Development corporation are to build a large new factory for the firm.

25 years ago

Discussions were deadlocked on the future of Roman Catholic schools in Gwent as defiant clergy organised a boycott of meetings on the proposed closure of St Albans, Pontypool.

Tyllwyd colliery, Mynyddislwyn an illegal toxic waste tip was to be sealed at a cost of £1 million.

Traffic chaos hit Gwent after a lorry overturned on the M4 between the Caerleon and Coldra.

Cwmcarn comprehensive school governors enlisted the support of Labour leader Neil Kinnock as they prepared their arguments against closure.