THE survey by Alcohol Concern about attitudes towards Newport raises some areas of concern about how our city is perceived.

It must be emphasised though given the low number of people questioned for the survey this cannot be taken as a definitive view.

What it is at most is a snapshot of perceptions and the image of the city.

We are all aware that in the past Newport at night has not had a great image.

Media portrayals in programmes such as the documentary on bouncers, have not helped.

But they have not given the full picture and they do not reflect how things are changing in Newport.

The introduction of a dispersal order covering the city centre is bound to make a difference.

Meanwhile, the many and varied city centre redevelopments will, we believe, have a profound effect on the city’s night-time economy.

The presence of more people living in the heart of the city centre is bound to create a less intimidating atmosphere. That, coupled with the creation of cinema and restaurants in the Friars Walk development, will also begin to alter the city for the better. This will lead to a more diverse night-time economy in Newport and one which will immediately make the city more welcoming.

So while such surveys are useful in gauging perceptions of the city, they should not be taken to represent the full picture.