Additional information courtesy of Clive Andrews, Newport (former steam engine fireman):

Bassaleg junction signal box was famous for steam trains that went all over the UK, steam locos from Ebbw junction worked from Bassaleg from two marshall yards – up side empty coal wagons, and down side coal.

There were railway carriages at Newport and that is how Ebbw junction could work steam passenger trains to Brecon, 50 miles from Newport.

I was working night shift at Newport Pill steam shed at Christmas 1958. We came on shift at 5pm on Saturday which was Christmas Eve, holy day, but on the railway there was no holy day.

A steam train ran away and ended up with the steam loco tilted and coal wagons all over the place. The shed master made us man the only brake van we had to go to Bassaleg. We were there until 4am, Christmas Day when Ebbw brought a steam crane.

THE then picture shows the Western Valley station of Bassaleg Junction situated at Pye Corner and which closed to passenger trains in the sixties.

The station is just a short distance from a new station being constructed and to be named Pye Corner.

The old station site lay derelict for many years and was later sold for residential development.

The line from Newport crosses Bassaleg Road by a bridge, alongside another bridge which carries the old Brecon and Merthyr line, now truncated at Lower Machen. The latter line also had a station named Bassaleg a short distance away close to the Tredegar Arms and St Basil’s church.

Allan Rooks, Newport

The picture shows the former Bassaleg signal box and platform. I used to be a steam engine fireman based in Pill in the 1950s, and I remember an incident when a coal wagon ran away on the line from Rhiwderin and ended up on its side at Bassaleg .

We had to man all the break down vans to attend. A crane was sent from Ebbw junction and the wagon was eventually righted. Bassaleg junction used to be busy with four running lines including one line that led all the way to Brecon.

Clive Andrews, Newport

This station was the first stop for trains out of Newport for trains servicing the Western Valley. On the far end of the down platform is the Bassaleg junction signal box. Opposite that is the branch line for Brecon and Merthyr.

G Stewart, Newport

The Then photograph is of the Bassaleg junction railway station which closed in April 1962.

The Now photograph bears no relation to it as the old station site is now covered by housing and a small factory.

Further up the road from the old station site is the new Pye Corner station.

Ray Caston, Bassaleg

The station was located on the line from Newport to Risca near the Three Salmons pub and not too far from the new station under construction.

On leaving the Bassaleg junction station in the Newport direction one crossed a bridge over the Newport to Caerphilly Road. There were in fact three bridges side by side, one of which carried the line from Newport to Brecon via Caerphilly.

The new Pye Corner station will be served by trains from Ebbw Vale to Cardiff and hopefully one day by trains from Ebbw Vale to Newport.

Brian J J Jelf, Newport