THE manager and matron of a nursing home in Bettws has been nominated for a top award at the Welsh Care Awards.

Elizabeth Richards-Calnon, 48, was nominated by the senior management team at Millheath Nursing Home ahead of a glittering award ceremony at City Hall, Cardiff on October 24.

Ms Richards-Calnon, who lives in Newport, is leaving Millheath to run a new home, Rowan House, for 35 residents with dementia.

She said: “It’s really exciting to be put forward. It came as a huge surprise but I feel honoured and appreciated. It’s a lovely gesture as a really nice send-off.

“I’ve always identified and encouraged the staff who have the ability to go further to develop their careers and it is very satisfying seeing them promoted within the company and go on to higher positions.

“I hope I’ve always been very empathetic to both residents in care and to the staff. I think I’m very approachable and I’ve always campaigned to improve things for the clients and the carers.”

During her 25 years at Millheath, Elizabeth has kept her nursing practice up to date and shared her management and nursing expertise in other homes.

David Baines, director of the Summerhill Group, which runs Millheath, said: “I have never met anyone who always sees the best in people, whatever their circumstances, as Liz does. She will always fight someone’s corner but in contrast, is not afraid to use the disciplinary process, where necessary.

“Liz is highly respected by all the senior management in the Summerhill Group and at meetings she brings a strong sense of humour, which often helps people put their own problems into perspective.”

“People coming in to Rowan House can feel secure that their needs are being met by a team of caring, well-trained staff, led by a manager who has a heart of gold and will be much missed by all at Millheath.”

Elizabeth is a finalist for the award in the Nurse Of The Year category, sponsored by Ontex UK.