TODAY’S pic looks like the middle of Llanthewy Road, which runs from the Handpost to near the Civic Centre. Regular work-route for me but if walking going-up is extremely tiring. Seems this road has changed little over the years although the shops at the Handpost have.

Jim Dyer Newport

This week’s Now and Then picture depicts Llanthewy Road and visible in both pictures in the background is St Mark’s Church. I have walked up and down Llanthewy Road hundreds of times in my life, 77 years and I am very familiar with the Now photograph but the Then photograph is before my time, I can’t remember street lamps like the one in the picture or white lines in the middle of the road. The road runs from opposite The Handpost pub towards the civic centre car park. Behind where the photographer stood is the church and number 33A used to be stables and a carriage shed, although I can’t remember any horses there.

Brian J J Jelf, Newport

Another Maindee memory, a previous Now and Then The George pub presumably derives its name from its position on the corner of George Hill before it was renamed Victoria Avenue. Nearby on the Avenue is the former Maindee baths, with its Art Deco architecture but now sadly in a poor state. Several generations of schoolboys, including myself, came here for a weekly swim with their school.

Opposite is Wharf Road which once had a Don’s second hand shop on both sides,and a Gabica’s rag and bone store fronting the pavement.

On the same side on Chepstow Road was Uzzell’s greengrocer and fish merchant; a branch of AE Hughes radio and television; and a large Co-op with its shuttle payment system by overhead wire to a centrally situated cashier behind a glass barrier. I recall the sawdust spread over the slippery tiled floor!

Further along on the edge of the square was Harry Steven’s cycle shop and across the road was the Maindee cinema which showed three programmes a week. Next door was North’s seed and pet merchant, with its host of chirping budgerigars and singing canaries.

The large Hovis sign above The George reminds me that there was a Hovis shop further up Chepstow Road, and opposite this was Prust’s grocers. I knew this area well as in the 1950’s I often stayed with my grandmother who lived on Chepstow Road.

Clive Wood, Newport