A GROUP of Caldicot tots donated their harvest festival goods to the town's food bank this week.

The Apple Tree Day Nursery children, aged two-and-a-half to three, accompanied nursery manager Ami Harris to Caldicot's One Stop Shop on Wednesday to hand over tins of beans, soup, sausages and sweets which had been donated by their families as part of the annual harvest festival celebration.

The children have been learning about links with the community and helping others, explained Miss Harris, 25.

"We sent a letter home to all parents asking if they could help," she said before the hand-over. "We'll be taking the children in a mini bus to give the food themselves."

David Flint who runs the food bank said the donation from Apple Tree as well as other schools in the area had "helped enormously" in replenishing their shelves.

"Following the harvest season we are being inundated with an amazing amount of food," he said of schools and churches taking part in the harvest festival. "Twenty per cent of the people we fed last year we fed in December, which was 100 people, so the timing is superb.

"We are still a bit short of sugar and fruit squash. We're still feeding between 10 and 20 people a week a third of whom are children and infants."