A WRESTLER from Newport has battled his way on to a wrestling reality television show.

Twenty two-year-old Mark Andrews will feature on TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp 2, a reality programme where contestants compete to win a contract with international organisation TNA Wrestling.

“It's like a wrestling version of X Factor - only with more fighting and less crying,” he said.

Mr Andrews entered the first stage of the competition in Manchester, where he had an interview then had to show off his wrestling skills.

Mr Andrews developed his passion for the sport after becoming heavily interested in wrestling at the age of eight.

“I was just hooked, he added. "I loved all the action figures and the craziness of it all, and then after four years of watching and thinking about it, I started training.”

Mr Andrews teaches at Dragon Pro Wrestling, Newport, where and confesses that despite some injuries including concussion, splitting open his shoulder and having a few stitches, there have been many highlights during his wrestling career.

The show will be broadcast on Challenge TV this Sunday where Mr Andrews will be finding out if he has made it through the auditions stages.