AN ABERGAVENNY man has launched a campaign for urgent restoration work to be carried out on the town’s War Memorial.

Michael Prys-Williams, who is a member of the Abergavenny and District Civic Society and the Local History Society but speaking as a resident, has been calling for the monument on Frogmore Street to be protected for over a decade.

Specialist contractors have estimated that the work could cost in the region of between £12,000 and £15,000.

The work includes underpinning the structure as it is leaning slightly, cleaning the plinth and bronze statue using cleaning contractors and replacing the rifle strap and connections which were damaged by vandals.

Addressing the Civic Society, Mr Prys-Williams, of Gavenny Way, said: “Our memorial is unique and there may not be another like it in the country.”

“It is clear that we have a very special memorial and we must maintain it in good condition in memory of those of the 3rd Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment who died for us in the Great War.”

The memorial was created by sculptor Gilbert Ledward, OBE, and unveiled in front of a crowd of 5,000 on October 29, 1921.

Mr Prys-Williams said that after the First World War, a penny was added to the rates for the maintenance of the memorial under the War Memorials Act but that this has ceased to exist after a change of authorities.

Mr Prys-Williams is looking at applying for funding from the Government’s War Memorials restoration fund, the Heritage Lottery Fund and Cadw and has asked Abergavenny Town Council for its support.

At a recent meeting held with the One Stop Shop, Cllr Prosser and the council’s highways department it was suggested that instead of underpinning the memorial in its present position, another option would be to move the memorial 10 metres further along the street where the ground is more stable and to avoid possible damage from vehicles using the A40.

He added: “In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Great War, we consider that we take advantage of this fund to protect this unique structure for future generations.

If funding can be found he hopes that the work can be carried out next year.