THE Labour candidate for Newport West has been selected to run in the next Assembly election.

Jayne Bryant has been selected as Labour's candidate for the seat which is currently held by Dame Rosemary Butler.

Dame Rosemary announced earlier this year that she would retire after the 2016 National Assembly elections.

Ms Bryant was one of four Welsh Labour candidates in this year’s European elections in May and was the second candidate on the Welsh list.

She won the Labour candidacy race for Newport West with 148 votes.

Ms Bryant said on Twitter: "Incredibly proud to have been selected as the @welshlabour Assembly candidate for Newport West. Thank you to all members who participated."

She was born and raised in Newport and joined the Labour Party nearly 20 years ago at the age of 17.

Paul Flynn, MP for Newport West, said on twitter: "Congratulations Jayne Bryant emphatic winner of selection as Labour candidate for Newport West Assembly seat.

"Thanks to Rosemary Butler for early announcement of her retirement, giving Jayne Bryant 18 months to campaign. Future is bright."