NEWPORT woman Pippa Bartolotti has been re-elected as leader of the Wales Green Party.

As part of the same voting process Anthony Slaughter was elected to be Deputy-Leader.

Ms Bartolotti said after the vote that she was “thrilled" that members have shown "such extraordinary support to both Anthony and myself in this way."

She continued: "To be your Leader for a fourth year is an enormous honour. I am humbled by the privilege. Members will know that my hard work and dedication will remain unfaltering as we strengthen our teams and expand our influence across Wales”.

She added: “With our powerful Green message of hope, together with an unprecedented surge in Green membership, we will be gathering momentum right up to the General Election, and our first seats in the Assembly are firmly in sight. There has never been a better time to join Wales Green Party.”

The Green Party now intends to field candidates in every constituency in Wales in May 2015 for the first time but also has longer view ambitions in mind as well.

A recent ITV/GPC poll indicates that the Wales Green Party could be in line to get not one but three Assembly seats in 2016.