50 years ago

AN INQUEST was opened into the death of a young domestic servant who had been found with her head severed under Undy Bridge on the Great Western Railway line. The jury found the 16-year-old had committed suicide while of unsound mind, by throwing herself from the bridge onto the line.

The 25th Newport New Year’s Treat for poor children was held at Newport Athletic Club, a Christmas dinner was served and the mayor headed the plum pudding parade heralded by trumpeters and buglers.

A local haulier was found unconscious after drinking liniment from a bottle, he was taken to hospital and it was established this was not the first time he had done this.

There had been congestion of traffic at Newport Docks since the Christmas holidays owing to the scarcity of men. There was 48 boats in the dock, 22 anchored at buoys waiting for berths.

50 years ago

MINUTES after an explosion damaged part of the new antenatal wing at Newport’s Royal Gwent hospital, firemen wrestled with a red hot gas cylinder to prevent another blast.

The frost had disappeared from the pitch at Rodney Parade after a light rolling and a floodlit match against the Royal Navy was eagerly anticipated.

A letter from the Cwmbran Development Corporation was sent to all parents warning children should not use the vehicle only roads around the town.

Top level talks were to the place in a bid to avert an overtime ban by basalt furnace men in steelworks throughout the country.

25 years ago

A NEWPORT woman was left fuming after receiving a cheque for compensation from Newport magistrates court for seven pence after her bag was stolen and thieves cashed £800 worth of cheques and opened personal with stores offering instant credit.

South East Wales Euro MP Llew Smith won the fight to be selected as Labour candidate for Blaenau Gwent.

Parents at closure-threatened Cwmcarn school forced an opt out ballot after governors threatened to delay it.

Gwent county council attacked a move to make people living outside Cardiff pay to use the city’s leisure amenities including St David’s Hall and the New Theatre.