THERE will be a moratorium on fracking in Wales it was announced today.

The Planning Minister, Carl Sargeant, today announced that he will prevent any planning authority from approving an application to frack in Wales.

The move was welcomed by the director of Friends of the Earth Cymru, Gareth Clubb, said: “This is a very welcome first step in the move away from dirty fossil fuels and towards a clean, green renewable future. We congratulate the Welsh Government on making this highly significant decision.

"The strong public feeling at the environmental and climate risks associated with fracking have rightly influenced governments, first in Scotland and now in Wales, to stop this industry in its tracks. The Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Environment Antoinette Sandbach AM, also welcomed the move: “This follows Welsh Conservative calls for a moratorium on fracking for the lifetime of the next Assembly term.

“I am extremely pleased that the Labour government has listened to concerns and we welcome this announcement wholeheartedly.

“It is clear that shale gas exploitation has a contribution to make to a long-term economic plan for Wales’ energy generation, but until its impact on our environment and homes is properly assessed, we need a moratorium.

“The views of the local people likely to benefit from fracking, or who will be affected by fracking must be paramount and a moratorium with community right to opt-in to support fracking will empower people.”