UKIP’s Newport branch has been slammed for posting a graphic on Facebook linking a swastika with the EU and the three mainstream parties.

In a picture similar to the Dad’s Army credits, UKIP is shown defending Britain from Labour, the Tories, the Lib Dems, and the EU, who are shown with the Nazi symbol.

Jess Morden, Labour MP for Newport East said: “For UKIP to use a Nazi symbol on a graphic is simply abhorrent. Just a fortnight ago, the local UKIP candidate was removed following publication in the media of his support for the far right BNP and EDL. It is clear that a dangerous extremist bloc within UKIP are becoming more prominent. UKIP need to take action.”

UKIP's Newport East parliamentary candidate Donald Grewar was suspended a fortnight ago after his previous support for the BNP and EDL were exposed.

Former chairman Mike Chaffin was also suspended from the party after he made the allegations public regarding Mr Grewar.

The Facebook group where the graphic was posted describes itself as: “The official UKIP Newport Branch page giving you all the updates on our candidates standing for Newport East and Newport West”. It includes images of local UKIP members campaigning and has been ‘liked’ by prominent local members.

Paul Halliday, Lib Dem candidate for Newport East, said: “To somehow equate the other parties with Nazism and to say that Europe is Nazism is naive, distasteful and downright disgusting.

“One of the great things about the EU is the peace it has brought to Europe for so long.”

Tory candidate Natasha Asghar said: “I think it's highly insensitive and disgraceful of UKIP to do such a thing. We have seen young people from Cardiff and Bristol go off and fight for ISIS and I want to make sure extremism doesn’t reach Newport. I’m going all I can to promote community cohesion and sticking a swastika up isn’t helping anybody.”

Green Party candidate David Mclean said: "The UK’s relationship with the EU is certainly something that needs to be debated, and the Green Party is well up for that debate, but it needs to be done in a mature way and without relying on inappropriate or inaccurate language and references."

A UKIP spokesman said: "The posting on the Newport East Facebook page may be in bad taste. Illustrating anything by use of a swastika is so. However the confected outrage of the local Labour party is even more over the top. It must have passed their notice that the branch sees itself as fighting totalitarianism, not supporting it."

The image has now been removed from the Facebook page.