A RED-faced Ukip candidate caused a Twitter storm today - because of photographs of him being hauled from an incoming tide after writing "We Love Nige" on a beach.

Ukip's prospective candidate for Caerphilly Sam Gould found himself stranded on the beach after writing "We Love NIge" and "We Love Ukip" in the sand at Margate.

Mr Gould was caught out at the part's spring conference in Margate on Saturday when he decided to respond to protesters comments by writing in the sand.

But after writing the messages, he realised the tide was coming in and was hauled up from the beach on Saturday by the party’s press officer, Gawain Towler.

“I heard on social media that there were protesters there wanting to wrote offensive messages on the beach, so when the tide was going out I jumped over an eight foot wall and wrote messages saying “We love UKIP a’ and “We love Farge,” he said.

”[But] I was slightly stranded [as the tide came in] and there was quite a bit of seaweed on the wall so our press officer gave me a hand up.

“It wasn’t something that I intended to happen!”

The father of two said he is ‘always up for a laugh’ and said he ‘enjoyed’ some of the comment son social media in response to the image captured by photographer Elliott Franks.

“I’ve been told that Nigel did see it and he did smile,” he said.