EIGHTY year-old cigarette and sweet packets were discovered behind the seats at a Brynmawr cinema.

The vintage Wild Woodbine, Navy Cut Tobacco and Picadilly Number Ones cigarettes, together with a packet of Smarties, Cadbury's Peppermint Creme Fry's chocolate and Penny Farthing coins are believed to date back to 1934 and were found during a refurbishment of the historic Market Hall Cinema earlier this week.

Cinema director, Peter Watkins-Hughes said it is likely that the items were left by builders when the seats were last replaced in 1934.

Mr Watkins-Hughes said: "They are in very good condition considering their age."

"They were tucked right down the back of one of our classic red plush chairs," added Beth Watkins, 57, of the Market Hall Community Group, which runs the historic cinema.

"The packaging is still in excellent condition, although I don't know how they will smoke.”

Mr Watkins-Hughes said they are currently moving the older seats onto the balcony and replacing the theatre floor seats with more modern ones.

He added: “Whilst the seats have been re-covered over the years for people living in the area their five-times great grandparents who could have been sitting in those very seats. This is Wales’ oldest cinema and last week celebrated its 121st anniversary.”

Staff will put the items back in a time capsule that will include one of the cinema’s current popcorn packets, Jalapeno crisps, a copy of the South Wales Argus featuring this article, and a poster of the film ‘Birdman.’ “We will leave them for someone to unearth them in another 8 years.”