WORLD cyclist Rob Shipley is gearing up to return home his month after a year of fundraising for Cancer Research UK.

Mr Shipley, 25, who has been making his way around the globe since July last year in the hope of raising £18,000 for cancer research will return home to Newport on March 22.

He completed nearly half of the journey with friend Ryan Farley but after Mr Farley came off his bike in LA fracturing his wrists, Mr Shipley continued alone.

Mr Farley got back on his bike for the first time last week since the accident, and is getting ready to meet his friend at London’s Heathrow airport on March 19.

“We’re going to meet him when he gets back and ride up from London,” Mr Farley said.

Rob’s step dad Andy Hatchard and friend Kyle Masterton will join Mr Farley on the three day 170 mile cycle.

“He is [Rob] doing fine, he just finished cycling in Vietnam,” Mr Farley said.

“He is looking forward to coming home – I know he’s done around 16,500 miles.”

The duo planned to cover 18,000 miles to raise £18,000 and have already raised £13,000 towards their goal.

They now plan to hold additional fundraising events to make up the total.

Around 70 members of Newport Social Cycling along with others will meet the group as they cross the Severn Bridge and finish the journey at Tiny Rebel Brewery in Newport.

The brewery host a breakfast from 9am on March 22, before setting off at 10.30am to the Severn Bridge to meet the group and return to the brewery for a party.

Over his journey Mr Shipley has travelled through countries including France, Spain, Canada, America and New Zealand.

The pair have slept in some odd locations including fire stations and an ‘elves workshop’ on a Christmas Tree farm in America.

Email for a breakfast place.